Hangman Hills Residents' Association


Registration required

Have you registered for an account on this site yet? If not, you will not be able to log in, because we don’t have a record of who you are. The HHRA Board desires that all qualifying persons register on the HHRA website. By registering and logging in, not only will you be able to access the additional content on the HHRA website and stay abreast of everything that’s happening, perhaps more importantly you’ll then be able to receive all official communications from the HHRA Board. To create an HHRA website account, you must complete the registration form, which the HHRA Board uses to properly vet applicants.

Do you qualify?

As mentioned elsewhere, the fully functional version of the HHRA website is intended for the exclusive use of Hangman Hills property owners and/or residents. Our protective covenants define Hangman Hills thus:

That certain subdivision known as HANGMAN VALLEY ADDITION recorded in Volume 11 of Plats, Pages 19 and 20, to the County of Spokane, EXCEPTING therefrom Lot 1, Block 4;  AND

That certain subdivision known as HANGMAN VALLEY FIRST ADDITION to the County of Spokane, EXCEPTING therefrom Lot 4, Block 7, which is being utilized for a water storage tank site.

The bottom line: if you are a member of the Hangman Hills Residents’ Association, are renting a house out here in Hangman Hills, or are an absentee property owner (own a Hangman Hills property, but are not living in Hangman), you qualify—congratulations!

A word about email addresses and usernames

During registration, you are required to provide a valid and unique personal email address and username. This is because our WordPress Content Management System needs to intelligently communicate with you (and only you) at times, depending on what features you decide to enable, and the groups you’re assigned to. If you attempt to create a separate account using an email address and/or username that another registrant is already using, your registration will not be processed. Period. WordPress will go no further until you provide a unique personal email address and username.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of prior knowing if your desired username is already taken. Nonetheless, chances are high that your desired username will be OK—just try it, and if it doesn’t already exist, you’re golden. But if it does exist, not to worry—WordPress will inform you, and you’ll be given the opportunity to try a different username.

We’re a family with just one email address. Now what?

The content viewing and front-end editing capabilities on this site are selectively served up and implemented based on the groups to which a user has been assigned. It’s possible—for all intents and purposes it’s a foregone conclusion—that different members of a family will eventually be assigned to multiple, and probably different user groups. Thus, the absolute need for unique email addresses.

This is very important if you are serving on the HHRA board, or have been granted special privileges for maintaining the site content. According to any special privileges assigned to you, you will be granted access to those particular restricted portions of the website. This has the potential to greatly facilitate how things get accomplished on the site. And, you probably don’t want other family members to be—nor, for that matter should they be—accessing special portions of the site reserved for only authorized users.

So, if you’re a family with just one email address, and more than one person needs an account, it may be necessary for you to obtain another email address(es). This is actually quite easy to do. Gmail is one choice from a company with a huge user base—and it’s free. Check out their site. Actually, there’s a slug of other email providers out there—Yahoo mail and Microsoft’s Outlook.com (formerly Windows Live Hotmail) being a couple of the more popular ones. For some comprehensive lists of providers, just click here and here.

A word about the HHRA registrants directory

When you are filling in the registration form, you will come across two checkboxes, one labeled display my email address and the other, display my telephone number. These are purely optional on your part, but by default they are checked. Checking the appropriate box allows your email address and/or telephone number to be displayed in the HHRA registrants directory and if you’re feeling entrepreneurial, the community services directory. If you are unsure about this, we suggest that you leave the boxes checked for now, and then go to the residents directory to read more about the directory’s features, take it for a “test drive” and hopefully discover why you would in fact wish to display your contact information. And, you can rest assured that the only people who can view the residents list are your fellow Hangman Hills neighbors. If for some reason you’re still not comfortable with displaying any or all of your contact information, you can uncheck the appropriate box(es) by modifying your user profile.